Friday, May 8, 2009

Great idea!

Four years ago I went on a golf trip to Tampa, Florida. The resort we were staying at was also the host of the PODS Golf Championship the week before we arrived. Sitting on the deck of my condo overlooking the golf course I could not help but notice all these POD storage containers placed through out the golf course. I really could not figure out why they were on the course then it hit me.....advertising. Yes...the main sponsor of this golf tournament was PODS. Duhhhh. I checked my voice box later that day and I received a phone message from a friend of mine who was involved with a PODS competitor. PACK RAT (1-800-PACK-RAT). He wanted to know if PACK RAT could display a container at our marathon. I called him back and asked him, "could he place 4 of these containers around the marathon route." He asked why? "Water stops" was my answer. Great advertising for PACK RAT......and perfect storage for our water stops. We could place our 5 gal. bottles of water, tables, cups, and trash containers , plus volunteer tee shirts in a container....give the head volunteer the key.....and WOW....instant self contained water stop. This saved us much stress and volunteer time. RAT PACK would deliver the self contained water stop to each location. I emailed Phil Stewart of Road Race Management newsletter about this great idea....his email back, "your the second race director to use this method of setting up water stops....the other being Dave McGillivray, race director for the Boston Marathon." His final comment...."great race directors think alike." At least I am in good company.